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Mary Hawkins – Women Build 2023 Future Homebuyer

Mary Hawkins had a dream. Not only did she want to be a homeowner, but she wanted to BUILD her own home. Having a learning disability that has affected her capacity to read and write, working extra-hard to succeed because of it, and watching housing prices go “sky high,” she believed it was impossible to realize that two-fold dream.

Mary, though, is smart and persistent. Those strengths, a very supportive friend, and a Facebook post, have helped the trajectory of her life to change! She obtained her long-awaited high school diploma, attended a construction trades job fair, talked with a major mechanical contractor, and started a plumbing apprenticeship there in May 2019. She’s been in work Heaven and will graduate in May 2023!

Mary’s already won a coveted award from the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and has installed the exterior plumbing for a Habitat house. To her, the award felt “like an Oscar” and she “wished” to do more on the house.

Talk about a wish – and a dream – come true! She IS building her own Habitat home and others, now that she’s a Habitat Seminole-Apopka Future Homebuyer! (Her sister’s Facebook post encouraged her to apply for her Habitat journey, which began in February 2022.)

“Words can’t describe how I feel,” she says. “I’m excited to have Women Build constructing my house because I’m a WOMAN IN CONSTRUCTION! That’s what we women stand for – we’re VERY powerful!”

That woman power extends beyond the desire to build and buy her house. Mary wants to be a part of building up her entire community and truly hopes to “give back” to the youth. Come ask her how!

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