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Something to Shout About!

We’re bursting with pride and appreciation! Habitat Seminole-Apopka, your Hometown Habitat, was recently awarded a $15,000 grant from CAHEC, a nonprofit engaged in developing affordable housing for sale to low-income households. They have offered their Open Doors Homeownership Grant since 2004; and only three grants are being awarded in 2022. CAHEC’s focus this year is to assist nonprofit developers, such as our Habitat Affiliate, in their weatherization efforts. We are THRILLED to be selected because of the impact and quality of our proposal, and even more thrilled that our Future Homebuyers in Florida’s historic Goldsboro community will directly benefit!

The funding will help us weatherize EIGHT Habitat homes in the Goldsboro area of Sanford, from attic to ground floor. Specifically, the monies will be used to purchase insulated, glazed double-paned windows as well as heavy duty weatherstripping. This economically disadvantaged area is undergoing a long overdue revitalization; and these homes will be constructed with efforts that equal or surpass those seen in wealthier communities.

All our Habitat homes are constructed to Energy Star standards, making the home energy-efficient, healthy, and sustainable. They offer cost-savings features such as the reflectively coated, double-paned windows, WaterSense efficiency/performance products, Energy Star appliances, and incorporate green building materials and practices when possible. We are most grateful to CAHEC for their generous contribution to our mission of building homes, communities and hope. THANK YOU!

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